"Pardon me Doctor. There is something in your eye." (inspired by the Original Series "Star Trek")
"The Haddonfield Manor Stretching Portraits" Original Oil Paintings
"Haunted Haddonfield Stretching Portraits" Prints (inspired by the "Halloween" film series)
$40.00 - $150.00
"Here's Johnny!" (inspired by "The Shining")
"I See You, Chocolate Man!" Print (insopired by "Dawn of the Dead" and Willy Wonka")
"I See You, Chocolate Man!" (inspired by "Dawn of the Dead" and "Willy Wonka")
"Talking about their Big Butts" (inspired by "Pee Wee's Big Adventure")
"Give me a Break! I'm living in a VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!" Print (inspired by SNL and Chris Farley)
"The Killer Duet" (inspired by the musical "Little Shop of Horrors")
"Jokes on YOU!" (inspired by the 1966 "BATMAN" TV series)
"Once More With Feeling" SLAYbill cover art print (inspired by "Buffy the Vampire Slayer")
"RAAAAYYYY!!" Limited Edition Canvas Print in Resin Frame (inpsired by "Ghostbusters")
"RAAAAYYYY!!" Paper Print (inspired by "Ghostbusters")
"The Busters" (inspired by "Ghosbusters" and The Beatles "A Hard Day's Night")
$50.00 — Coming soon
"Creature from the Black Tie Lagoon" Limited Edition Paper Print
"Creature from the Black Tie Lagoon! Limited Edition Stretched Canvas Print
"Justified" (from the FX series "Justified")
"I Want To Come Back Inside!" Original Painting (from John Carpenter's "The Thing")
"Clint Eastwood"
"Put the Candle BACK!" Print (inspired by "Young Frankenstein")
$45.00 — Sold out
"Getting Ready for the Big Night" Print (tribute to John Carpenter's "Halloween")
"One More Time?" Print (inspired by Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining")
"Hissssss!" Print (inspired by "Young Frankenstein")
$20.00 — Sold out
"You're Just Too Darn Loud" Print (from "Back to the Future")
$20.00 — On sale
"Tied to this F*CKING COUCH!" Print (from John Carpenter's "The Thing")