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"The Busters" (inspired by "Ghosbusters" and The Beatles "A Hard Day's Night")

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"The Busters" (inspired by "Ghosbusters" and The Beatles "A Hard Day's Night")

This mashup cover was originally painted for a "Ghostbusters" tribute show in 2021. The idea came together fairly quickly; four Beatles, four Ghostbusters, done! I had always loved the simple design of the "A Hard Day's Night" album cover from the iconic eyes only portraits to the fun hand lettering.

In creating this different version, I had to figure out the title of the album. Originally it was going to be some kind of parody like "A Hard Night's Busting" but that would have been too on the nose. I realized there was no other choice than their own iconic catchphrase "Who ya gonna call?"

17 x 17. Print on High Quality Moab Entrada 290gsm cotton rag. © Mark Tavares.

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